Our purpose

We believe that a good life starts with wellness. Our mission is to empower as many people as possible to live healthy, happy lives, and here at Golden Bolt, that starts with our team and radiates outward, as we help customers across the globe live their healthiest lives.

Who we are

Golden Bolt is the fulfillment end of Golden Hippo, a fast-growing company with over 450 employees. We’re proud to be the connecting link between the company and its customers, delivering cutting-edge wellness solutions safely to customers all over the country — and across the globe.

Golden Bolt runs fulfillment operations out of 2 locations:
Chatsworth, CA, and Memphis, TN.


Cutting-Edge Wellness

Across the Globe


“What can I say? I love working for Golden Bolt…. I have the great pleasure of working with a great supervisor like Nick. The Golden Bolt team gave me the opportunity to learn, experience new things, and most of all, made me feel appreciated, and that just makes me love working here at Golden Bolt even more.”

Martha R.
Fulfillment Packer

“I can say that I love working here for several reasons. First, for taking extra precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic to make sure all employees feel protected as best possible by taking temperatures daily, issuing clean new masks and gloves daily and by going the extra mile to have the facility sanitized… Also, you all offer a great benefits package, and great working hours.”

Data Specialist

“I have been with the company for 2 years. What I enjoy most about this company is the people that I work with. Most days it is like we are one big happy family working together to get the job done. The upper management at Golden Bolt is very supportive of anything I need and there is a good work-life balance working for this company.”

Fulfillment Supervisor

What we do

Every day, we come to work excited to pack and ship best-in-class wellness products for some of the world’s most exciting health brands across the globe. Golden Bolt was founded with more than just our end users in mind — we believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy employees.

That’s why, along with delivering our incredible health-supporting products, we’re 100% dedicated to creating and supporting a safe, collaborative, supportive, and creative workplace where everyone has a voice.

Work here

What’s it like to work at Golden Bolt? A career at Golden Bolt is more than just a job. It’s the chance to make a real difference in the health and well-being of people all over the world.

Our energetic work space offers a fun, supportive environment with plenty of opportunity to work as part of a fantastic, uplifting team. No matter what the day has in store, we’re committed to making each day at Golden Bolt as safe, fun, and efficient as possible.

That starts with listening to our employees and giving plenty of opportunity to provide both face-to-face and anonymous feedback and to shape the way the workplace runs, whether that’s through safety initiatives, our “Golden Ideas” reward system, or one of our employee impact programs.

We also make sure our employees have the opportunity to really build camaraderie and trust as a team, whether they’re socializing over one of our company-provided snacks or monthly birthday lunches, hanging out at team building events, or spending time at our HUGE company holiday party.

Our organization

Golden Hippo is our headquarters, based in Woodland Hills, CA. Our teams at Golden Hippo build our family of brands from the ground up. That means, we do everything from creating brands and formulas to shooting and producing advertising content, to creating our own marketing materials in-house.

Golden Bolt is part of our team that makes sure our life-changing formulas make it from our facilities in Memphis, TN and Chatsworth, CA, to the homes of our valued customers around the globe. Without our fulfillment experts at Golden Bolt, it would be impossible to revolutionize the health well being of our amazing customers.

Golden Customer Care is the bridge between our offices and our customers. Customer Care experts provide personalized, comprehensive care to consumers all over the globe. This includes giving great advice, assisting with sales, and troubleshooting, to make sure our customers have an “A+ experience” every time. Our Customer Care teams are based out of Chatsworth, CA and Salt Lake City, UT.

Job opportunities

Are you looking for a job where your work makes a difference? Click the links below to check out our current job openings. Don’t see anything that fits? Keep checking back — we update this page whenever a new position comes available.